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Matisse collection | Eco-resin candle tray-Moi & Ko

Matisse collection | Eco-resin candle tray

€16.00From €12.00
New collection!  100% handmade. Designed by us inspired in the famous technique "one-line" and the styled black drops, our new collection is absolutely.... gorgeous!!! I could say, my favorite so far! ...
Cloud soy candles

Cloud soy candles

From €4.00
New! Cloud little soy candles are now available in our Moi and Ko candle collection!  These cute little candles are available in two sizes and in two colors: our best-seller color,...
Little bubble candles

Little bubble candles

The small (cute!) version of our best seller vegan soy wax bubble cube candles Candle care  Put your figure candle in a tray when use to burn them. Place your...