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Introducing our wax melter pot Klarstein, the perfect tool for melting and maintaining the ideal temperature for your wax creations. With a generous 9-liter capacity and an adjustable temperature range between 30 and 100 °C, this wax melter provides precise control for all your melting needs.

Not only does it excel in melting wax, but it also serves as a practical dispenser for hot beverages, thanks to its convenient tap and "Keep Warm" function. Whether you're melting wax for your candle-making business or hosting a hot beverage station at an event, this versatile wax melter has got you covered.

This is our wax melter, designed to make your wax melting process efficient and hassle-free. With its user-friendly features and reliable performance, you can focus on creating your wax products with ease. From candles to wax melts, this wax melter ensures consistent results every time. Upgrade your wax melting experience with our reliable and efficient wax melter.

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